Update your product?
Update your... customers.

Craft beautiful, engaging release notes to keep customers and stakeholders up to date, or as a marketing tool to convert more.

Publishing and promoting release notes increases awareness, engagement, and trust.

Built For...

Remote & Private Teams

Keep your remote or internal teams up to date with your latest releases, so they can stay on the pulse and be more effective in their jobs. Use our private releases to share private release notes with only those who should see them.

For Marketing Teams
Customer Support Teams

No product is bug free, let your customers know that you're on top of things by displaying a steady stream of your recently resolved issues.

For Support Teams
Marketing & Product Teams

Your team works hard to deliver a great product, promote your work when you have new updates to your existing user base as well as to the wider public to win more deals.

For Product Teams

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Let no release notes go unnoticed

With a range of different ways to get your release notes in front of your audience, none of your work will go unnoticed.

Latest Release Banner

Automatically show your latest release notes as a banner on your marketing site, so visitors know you're actively improving your product.

  • Always Up To Date

    Once you've added your banner (which is super easy) you won't need to touch it again, it auto updates whenever you make a new release. So it's always up to date.

  • Responsive Design

    The Release Banner is built to work on any screen size, automatically changing to suit the space you provide it.

  • Full Design Control

    Easily change the design of your banner to suit your branding. Change the sizing, colors, font, content... you're in control.


March, 2023 updates

New Feature

We released teleportation!


Various speed improvements made

Bug Fix

Fixed issue with teleporter machine

Unread Badge & Embedded Widget

Make it easy for your customers to know when there's new release notes they haven't seen yet by adding an unseen badge, that when clicked will show your latest release notes in a popup.

  • Unread Badge

    Automatically shows a count of how many new release notes the customer is yet to see. This is great for making sure your customers are well aware of your recent updates.

  • Instant Access Via An Embedded Widget

    Rather than sending people away from your product, you can display your release notes right within your interface. Making it fast and easy for customers to stay up to date.

  • Auto Open For New release notes

    If you want to be super sure everyone sees your latest updates, you can force the releases modal to automatically open if there are unseen release notes.

Sidebar Example Badge Example

Dedicated release notes Site

Make it easy for people to browse your past updates at their own leisure by hosting them on their own dedicated site.

  • Works Out Of The Box

    Get setup in seconds with our out of the box templates, and be looking great without effort.

  • Custom Domain & Design

    If you're looking for extra control, you can use a custom domain, and design your own template.

  • Require Login For Private release notes

    Provide login access for special people to grant them access to private or internal release notes.

Sample Release Notes Site

Announce Via Email

To get the word out about your update, you can broadcast your release notes via email to your subscribers. It's a great way to reactivate old accounts, or generally get action happening faster.

  • Preview First

    You have the ability to preview the email first, so you can make sure it's looking great, before broadcasting to your subscriber list.

  • You Choose What To Send

    Rather than bombard all subscribers with all updates, you have control over which are sent out, and which are not.

Email Example
wescale Logo

“We're super happy using Releasenotes.io to communicate our sprint and release forecasts as well as the release notes to our customers. Releasenotes.io massively streamlines our communication channels and has helped reduce the hassle of keeping all of our customers up-to-date”

Wolfgang Reinhardt
Wolfgang Reinhardt
Chief Product Owner, wescale

Simple Process, Impressive Results

We've put in the hard work, so you can focus on building your best product and leave the release notes publishing to us.

Craft Beautiful release notes

Your release notes should be a celebration of your work. Use one of our pre-made themes, or customise the design to match your brand.

  • Consistent Experience

    To give your release notes uniformity, we've created a custom authoring experience to make sure your release notes look great, every time.

  • Custom Design

    You get full access to the underlying HTML and CSS if you need, to give you full control over the already beautiful base templates on offer.

  • Automate via Zapier, Slack or our API

    To streamline your experience, hook ReleaseNotes up to Zapier or your API to automatically create new releases as part of your existing workflow. Or add new notes straight from Slack.

Sample Release Notes Site

Share‘m Around or Lock‘em Down

You have control over who can see your release notes. Either publish them for the world to see and use for marketing, street cred, or staff recognition, or lock your release notes down to only those you authorise.

  • Private release notes

    Invite "viewers" to your team so you can keep control over who sees your release notes. Perfect for closed customer bases, investor reports, or internal notes.

  • Email Releases to Subscribers

    Manage your subscriber list, or allow people to subscribe themselves to your updates, then broadcast your release notes to your email list with a single click.

  • Optimised for Public Sharing

    Releases are optimised for social sharing, including with open graph tags and image support, so your release notes will look fantastic anywhere they're shared.

Multiple User Types, For Full Control


Pricing That Fits Any Sized Project

Whether you're after something simple, or looking for complete control to suit your branding, there's a plan for you.

$0 /mo


If you're looking for something simple.

  • Hosted Release Notes Site

  • 1 Team Member

  • 5 Release history

  • Standard template

  • Text content only

$29 /mo

+$10 per 1,000 subscribers

Great for when you're starting to get serious.

  • Everything on the Free Plan, plus...

  • Unlimited Releases

  • Unlimited Team Members

  • Select from our Theme Gallery

  • Rich Content

  • Featured & Social Image

  • Announce Releases to Subscribers

  • Tag releases

  • Embeddable Widget

  • Analytics

$49 /mo

+$10 per 1,000 subscribers

Perfect if you need full control and private notes.

  • Everything on the Standard Plan, plus...

  • Custom CSS/HTML/JS

  • Private Release Notes

  • API Access

  • Zapier Integration

  • Unlimited Private Viewers

  • Custom Domain

  • Annual/Invoice billing available

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